Brentwood Art Festival

Are you an art enthusiast, fun loving, or simply like the outdoors and meeting new friends? If yes, then you have a reason to look forward to the Brentwood art festival. Brentwood art festival is not just an event, but more of an annual ceremony to cerebrate innovation, the freedom that comes with art, and the gift of family. The festival, whose maiden event was in 1994, has continued to grow in popularity and in participation.

For the past years, attendance to the event has been at an average of 20,000 persons. The venue of the event is California, Brentwood along san Vicente Boulevard eastbound from Saltier to S. Barrington Avenue.

Why should you attend the Brentwood art festival?

Well, there a variety of reason why you should attend this event. However, regardless of whichever reason you have, the ultimate goal of the vent is to deliver entertainment and joy therefore, all you need to do is to attend the event and have fun.bre1

For artists, the event is a perfect place to kick-start your career. It is never easy to gather people and for an artist, the opportunity to access the market is a golden chance that should be made full use of. For an artist who wishes to register and showcase their products to the market, then the registration fee is at $350 only. Once registered, you don’t not only showcase your products, you also get to sell your products hence an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

For the general public, the Brentwood art event presents the most benefits. One, it is an opportunity for the public to experience innovation in a more close-up and affordable way. It is worth noting that for the majority of artists who showcase their products in the festival have their products lowly priced for potential buyers. Second, the festival is an opportunity for family fun. You will agree that nowadays it is not easy to find a one place where the entire family can hang out and have fun at affordable prices. Mark you that, for public members, admission to the festival is free of charge, the only amount you get to spend is what you buy for your use.

Last yet importantly, the event offers a socializing platform, which is the one thing today’s society is much derived. Before the dawn of the internet, socializing was more fun as people had to do so in person. With the internet and online social platforms, socializing has been derived off the pleasure and intimate fun. Bentwood art festival is one of the ways where people can meet and experience the natural way of socializing.