Physical therapy Valley village

Physical therapy is an essential body care practice. If you are in Valley village, you can now get these services from physiotherapy professionals who are trained, qualified, licensed, and experienced in the field from the neighborhood. If you have a loved one who has been sick and is recovering, physiotherapy might be one of the care services required to enable them get back to wellness faster and to the full health before they fell sick. Moreover, physical therapy is not only for the sick or the recovering people, it is also a body care practice recommended that physiotherapists as essential for keeping the body healthy.

So, where can you get this service in Valley village? Well, the services are brought to you by the professionals of physiotherapy in California, back to wellness center. The center has a team of physiotherapists who are well experienced in the field of physical therapy and are all licensed to operate. Therefore, you can comfortably accept their services. The physical therapy section of the center is under Milana Waksman who holds masters in physical therapy from the University of Chapman. In addition to the master degree, she is trained on various diseases of the nervous system. Doctor Waksman has been in the field for over ten years, and she has successfully managed to climb the professional ladder through professional and quality service that is satisfactorily accepted by her customers.


If you have a loved one who is suffering or recovering from nervous ailments, then you need to book an appointment in back to wellness center. The center offers affordable sessions which are customized to suit the requirements of every individual patient. In addition to physical therapy, the center has another physical oriented body care services which include chiropractic care services, massage, Pilates services, and acupuncture.

Therefore, based on the services available from the center, it is correct to say that the center takes care of the whole person, not just one physical care service. With the whole pack of physical therapy, you or your loved one is guaranteed to get well sooner and they will be better rejuvenated to get back to life.

To deliver better and more enhanced physical therapy care to customers in Valley Village, Back to Wellness center has the latest technology. These include technology that is sued to take the necessary measurement for development of an appropriate physical therapy timetable. You will realize that the nature of the physiotherapy applied depends on the status of the body.

Therefore, to book an appointment with the doctors or to get information on any of the services available, contact the center today!